Announcing: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tea

Tea Trade is proud to announce a new website for tea lovers and enthusiasts everywhere: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tea. This revolutionary, interactive website, with its 165 year history is the world’s foremost source of misinformation about tea.

Originally written by the first tea Hitchhiker, Robert Fortune, the guide is now revised for a modern audience using the latest in collaborative editing technology to take advantage of the world’s collective knowledge about tea.

This latest edition of the Guide covers a wide range of subjects including the types of tea, history of tea, tea culture and tea ware. The fascinating articles are produced by a diverse and highly-trained cadre of tea experts from around the world and presents a growing body of knowledge and misinformation about tea.

Help Wanted

You too can contribute to the Guide to help keep it as the foremost Guide to Tea available anywhere on the planet. With your knowledge, or lack of knowledge, about tea, your contributions to the greater story of tea will add to glorious history of the Guide and you will make your mark on the Greatest Book of Tea ever written.

If you are interested in becoming an official Tea Guide, please see our Help Wanted page. Any tea lover with a Tea Trade account has the ability to edit existing articles and create new ones.

To find out more about how to the Guide, see our Tutorial, or ask questions in the Guide’s dedicated forum area.


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2 Responses to Announcing: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tea

  1. Profile photo of thedevotea thedevotea says:

    Well, I jumped in and wrote an article, as expected.

  2. Profile photo of peter peter says:

    Thanks @thedevotea ! I kind of knew you would start out with that article ;-)

    For those who are curious, you can find Robert’s initial contribution here:

    The rest of you, find your muse and write some rubbish about tea!

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